‘Vocal Fit’ is an interdisciplinary programme about voice health and wellness oriented to any vocal performer or voice professional who has an intensive use of the voice. The course covers the three main areas of vocal health, deepening aspects related to: vocal technique - breathing, sound positioning; nutrition - principles of balanced nutrition, voice health and body wellness; fitness - basic principles, basic work out for vocal performers or voice professionals. 


‘Music Fit’ is an introductory course to fitness and wellness for any musician.
Playing an instrument means often being subjected to a physical stress that can cause pathologies much greater than would normally think. Be aware of body posture, not just that one specifically related to the instrument technique, it is a crucial aspect to prevent diseases that can often disabling or stop the work of a musician for many months.
The course addresses three key areas of health management for a musician: instrument technique - correct posture on the instrument, proper planning of a schedule of study; nutrition - principles of balanced nutrition; fitness - basic principles, basic work out for musicians.


Phoniatric Test

Only a complete phoniatric test can discover any voice health issue. Check your voice with a Specialist at least twice a year.

Evaluation and treatment of voice disorders

If you have a voice disorder we can evaluate it and treat it with a complete program of functional rehabilitation.

Evaluation and treatment of voice disorders in childhood

Children can develop serious voice disorders that can be treated until complete healing if early evaluated. Contact our Specialists for a check up.


Please note: the VHI test (Voice Handicap Index) is an internationally recognized test that can easily help you in checking your voice health but we strongly suggest you to contact our Specialists for a more accurate visit.

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Vocal Fit Camp

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