Millions of people in the world (in some countries more than 30% of the population) use the voice as a primary source of income in their daily work. The percentage reaches 100% of the entire world population if we consider our need to use the voice to express ourselves in any daily activity.

How many pitfalls singers, actors, voice actors, but also speakers, managers, teachers and other unwitting "vocal performer" meet nowadays in their profession? Vocal fatigue, progressive loss of voice, voice disorders and diseases are much more common than you might think and they always come from a lack of training and large gaps in knowledge regarding the proper use of human voice and especially the interaction between voice, nutrition and physical condition.

Thanks to the collaboration of renowned professionals as vocal coaches, speech therapists, personal trainers, nutritionists, Vocal Health Ltd can pursuing its Mission: improving knowledge, education and well-being of any voice professional, through dissemination, advocacy and production of products and programmes of study in the field of vocal health, with a specific involvement of nutrition and sport.

Our main goal is to support any voice professional, in artistic or not artistic environments, through education, personalized programmes of training and nutrition, improving the quality of any professional voice while improving the quality of life and daily work.


  • Disseminating knowledge about voice health & care
  • Encouraging interaction between vocal discipline, sport and nutrition
  • Pursuing the vocal and physical well-being of any individual
  • Promoting specific training for any vocal performer at any level
  • Meeting the challenges of any voice professional
  • Contributing to the prevention of voice disorders and any related eating disorder

Specialists and Advisory Board

Training and supporting any vocal performer in order to improve voice health and life quality is a serious commitment. Our Specialists and the Advisory Board have a key role to help us in shaping the best strategy, vision and long-term plan possible for Vocal Health Ltd.  Each of these professionals, voice and voice health international influencers, provide a fundamental contribution in making our Company leader in the field of voice health and wellness.

Meet The Team

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